Renovation, Restoration & Sand / Seal Services

If you are looking to rejuvenate your current wood flooring we offer full restoration services which include:

Engineered Oak

Advise and Solutions – We will visit you, discuss your options for renovation and rejuvenation of your old flooring and identify which is the most suitable option for you which works with your lifestyle, your traffic, your needs and your budget.

Restoration Services –  Wooden floors although they are very resilient and able to resist neglect and harsh treatment – after a few years of heavy traffic or lack of the right maintenance can look a bit tired and unloved. We offer a restoration service which will bring your old flooring back to life and looking like new again ready for many more years of looking great once again.

Sanding – We can offer you a Sanding Service where we operate a continuous belt machine that is virtually dust-free. A mobile extraction unit follows our machines round and limits dust to virtually nothing.  You reap the benefits of a safer and cleaner environment for your family.

Although some dust is inevitable, we do what we can to minimize this by masking/screening and frequent vacuuming.  We also use edging sanders and fine tools to get right into the corners for complete and even sanding.

Renovation of English Parquet Sand & Sealed

Sealing – Depending on the traffic you have would depend on the type of products we use.  Some products like Varnish and Lacquer are more durable than oil sealants, and easier to maintain, and we would advise these to be used for areas which have mid to heavy traffic areas.

With some of the specialist lacquers by Junkers and Bona, you no longer obtain the old ‘plastic’ look feel  but instead bring to the floor a silky sheen which can be either in matt, satin or a high gloss finish.

We would discuss with you depending on your lifestyle again what would be most advised at the time.

Renovation & Resealing –  We can offer you a renovation service which involves resealing your existing floors which have already been restored, without the need for the full restoration process that involves re-sanding. This normally involves resealing with whatever has been used previously: i.e lacquer, hard-wax or oil.

Splicing In – We can offer you splicing of new flooring to old floor, saving your old floor and then sanding and sealing to bring it back to its former glory.

Damp Proof Testing – Before we carry out any works we will check the moisture levels and advise whether any pre works are required before any restoration work is carried out.

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