New Flooring Services

Solid Oak Flooring with a Treetex Clear Matt finish

At Homewood Flooring we offer a full range of services to make sure you are provided with the new wooden flooring of your dreams.   We can help you with:

Advise and Sourcing  We will visit you, discuss the right flooring options for you and your lifestyle, your needs and your budget.

Sub Floor preparation  – It’s well-documented that the longevity of a flooring installation is dependent on the quality of the sub floor.  Sometimes we find ourselves more concerned with the final result, and so may spend less time ensuring the sub floor preparation is perfect.  With this in mind, we will prepare your surfaces ready for you new flooring to make sure you receive the maximum longevity of your flooring.

Latexing level sub floors – Not all of us are lucky enough to have even floors ready to lay new flooring.  If when we visit you we find that your floors are uneven, we will provide you with a latex self-leveling compound that can help smooth over areas that are not level before laying your new wood flooring.

Applying liquid damp proof membranes – A damp proof membrane (DPM) is used to create a barrier between a concrete (or screed) sub floor and your wood flooring.  This barrier is intended to stop moisture passing from one to the other.  If you where to try to install parquet wood on top of concrete without damp proofing it, you could experience problems in the future.

Polythene DPMS – When fitting a new wooden floor, there are numerous things you need to consider. If you’re fitting it on top of a concrete sub-floor, there is always a risk of damp. Therefore, we may apply a Polythene Damp Proof Membrane (DPMS) which provides excellent protection, extending the life of your new floor.

In Progress – New Kitchen Flooring with Solid Junkers Jatoba

Multi Purpose Wooden Flooring Solutions using the Cradle & Batten systems.   For floors which have a reasonable flat and level surface tolerance we can use the Batten System to help reduce noise and shock absorbance.  For those which have out of level surfaces, we recommend that the cradle system should be used.
The Batten System is an effective solution when dealing with acoustic control as the resilient battens rest on the sub base and isolates the floor from the building structure.  The battens are designed to resist compression under load whilst providing a continuing level of sound insulation.
These are perfect for Sports Floors as they have been developed with the shock absorbance and resilience characteristics necessary for the varied range of professional sports and leisure activities expected in today’s modern multi functional sports complexes.  We can also offer you Semi sprung Batton systems, Raised Batton systems as well as the standard Cradle & Batten Systems.

Underlay – We can supply you with all types of underlay to suit your wooden flooring options.

However, if you are looking to rejuvenate your current wood flooring rather than add a complete new flooring, we offer a full restoration service.

To contact us to book in your appointment for us to come and visit and provide you with a free fixed price quotation call 07850 362113 or email me at