A Herringbone Centre, with a Jotoba Border, and English Oak Strip Flooring – All solid wood flooring

Welcome to HomeWood Flooring of Midhurst, West Sussex.  My name is Bill Slade.  My life has been invested in Wood Flooring for over 35 years where I started my journey back then with Kahrs of Sweden.

I trained in there Swedish location and was their technical representative dealing with all aspects of their wood flooring.  I had the privilege of putting on teaching seminar’s where I taught floor layers how to lay the ‘Kahrs’ wood flooring and sports flooring.

I also trained in Malmo Sweden by Bona floor seals, or ‘Bonakemi’ as they were called in those days.

Sweden taught me the skills of laying and sealing wood flooring to a very high standard, and I continue to offer these same skills and continue expanding my knowledge today.

My Wood Flooring journey continued after leaving ‘Kahrs’.

I worked for Hewitsons who were one of the oldest and largest wood flooring contractors in the country who developed and invented most of the wood flooring systems you have today,  (except the Scandinavian systems).

I was their technical representative covering the London area and dealt with every different type of wood flooring you could think of.  From end grain blocks, herringbone, parquet, sports floors,  eight mitre dance and roller skating wood floors, sports floors, office floors and commercial showroom wood floors. All of these where mostly solid oak however I dealt with many other specifications to meet our clients requirement’s.

Alongside my Swedish training and development, I have expertise in a vast amount or flooring types which enables me to offer the full services, technical and practical experience to you today.

Not only are my clients domestic homes, I have experience in all sorts of commercial properties as I used to design floors for museums, palaces, embassy’s, offices, sports floors, squash and village halls, to name but a few.  I lay engineered wood floors, as well as a vast amount of solid oak floors, including solid oak on underfloor heating systems.

Whilst on your search for flooring ideas, when people tell you solid oak flooring is unstable and not advisable, that is because they don’t

Special Lighting Intergration with Ted Todd Flooring

know how to lay it and therefore they don’t suggest it or may steer you to other types. If only they knew as the results are outstanding. Oak is one of our favourites because of the final finish and durability.  Before engineered flooring came along solid wood flooring was extensively used and has lasted for decades, but there are horses for course’s so to speak and everyone has a budget for their project.

Solid wood flooring has been laid in this country for hundreds of years and some have lasted that long.

Homewood Flooring are pleased to offer you a complete service to make sure you obtain the flooring of your dreams. Visit our services page to find out how we can help you.

However, if you would prefer to talk to me directly to discuss your project call me, Bill on 07850 362113 or email bill@homewoodflooring.co.uk

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